SolidCheck. More accurate than any thumb!
The Knead-Bag Test is Obsolete.

Guesswork by rule of thumb is obsolete at last: SolidCheck brings time saving and safety

Today‘s concrete standards demand that fresh concrete pressure is determined to specify the maximum concrete pouring speed. To do so, the site needs to know what time the concrete needs to set (solidify). Up to now, concrete setting time was determined by pressing your thumb into a sample of concrete in a knead-bag every half hour, hence the name knead-bag test. The results are inaccurate and subjective with the result that a 25 % safety span was added on top.

SolidCheck‘s innovative, computer controlled ultrasonic technology delivers reliable, precise data on concrete setting time. Thus, the actual fresh concrete pressure can be established and the supervisor is able to utilize the formwork‘s load capacity safely and to a full extent. This saves time and money. Safety spans and workflow delays are a thing of the past; the building process is easier to plan and monitor.